Leon Drynan – 13 year old – Snowboarder – Braehead

The league is a brilliant idea as it gets everyone fired up about going bigger and better, and that’s always a good thing. The prizes involved are pretty generous too! It’s had really good coverage and such positive feedback.

The competition has been really good between all the teams and it’s great to see all the posts on social media on the run up to results day. It’s always a buzz when the results come out!

We are constantly filming for our latest edit. There are some nights where you can nail a trick in one go, and others where it seems you’ve done the same execution or kicker trick over and over before you get the one you want.

Since the CSS league started I’ve learnt tricks which include a Cab Underflip 7, Backside 9 and Rodeo 7.


Lewis Moore – 13 years old – Snowboarder – Bearsden

CSS got everyone stoked to ride and learn new tricks. The whole team worked
hard. Winning the league title has given us the opportunity to improve our set-up.

The new tricks I learned during CSS: Backside 900, Underflip out of a cannon, 450 out from the quarterpipe, one footed foot plant on top of quarterpipe and I managed to land a frontflip off a box!


Kirsty Muir – 12 years old – Skier – Aberdeen

As long as I have ridden at Aberdeen Snowsport Centre the older riders have always trained with the younger riders & helped us every week. We have always had fun together been encouraged to try tricks. CSS didn’t change any of that but it was a great opportunity to show what we can do up in Aberdeen and we saw how each one of us tried to do our best for the team. I tried and landed my 7 on the dry slope during CSS, my first time on a dry slope rather than snow!

Teddy Halket – 13 years old – Skier – Stoke

I really enjoyed the league, particularly the fact that I got to compete as a member of a team, as most of my skiing is done as an individual. I also liked the way the results were revealed – it added excitement especially when our team had won!!


Matt McCormick – 19 year sold – Snowboarder – Bearsden

Throughout the summer months there was a massive increase in freestyle activity. We already run a training programme during the winter months but over summer we saw many of those riders return regularly throughout to work on tricks in the hope they’d make it into some of the CSS rounds.

I think a lot of the riders got to know each other better and the scene really benefited from the team aspect of the competition. Often riders wanted to push each other as there was now an added incentive.

For the first time a lot of the riders had to think about snowboarding/skiing in a creative way due to the Ex trick which I think is really healthy for young riders coming up. It helps them to see the sport doesn’t necessarily follow a linear path and there are different directions in which you can progress your riding.

The rails at Bearsden were also used more frequently. Usually riders spend most of their time on the jump slope but during the CSS season many there were way more rails being set-up.

During this season of CSS I learnt the following new tricks: Toe side Barrel rolls, Cab 9 off the toes, BS hand plant on a stall, FS lip to 360 switch up (T3), Switch BS 9 truck to drunk driver, Wildcat to 50-50, One footed wildcat nose grab on a quarter pipe, BS disaster to front flip off a quarter pipe

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