Round 1 of CSS – Ready to drop!

Round 1 of Championship Skiing 2017 will be released on Saturday 17th June with matches between Tamworth & Bearsden, Stoke & Aberdeen and Braehead & Hemel.

What to expect from our first round of the 2017 league? We are stoked to have our youngest ever CSS competitor – 7 year old Deja Parker from Braehead. The Braehead team is a new addition for 2017 and we are loving their first round footage! We also have TWO brother and sister teams appearing in Round 1. Olivia and Luke Burke from Bearsden and Justin and Ella Taylor-Tipton from Stoke. All in all its been great fun putting together these Round 1 matches – good to see so many faces back for more and lots of new ones too!

Lastly, we’ve updated a few bits and bobs on the edits but the format mainly stays the same. Let us know what you think on Facebook or Instagram!

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